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Les Jones along with his assistant manager are Derek Doyle are building the First Team during the 2018/19 season. It’s not gone well so far … but 2019 might be a different story. The first hurdle was to get off the bottom of the league … success. We wre 3rd from bottom, but a few negative results have put us back in the bottom two. Les has every confidence, to get us back up the table though … we await with bated breath. He has from over 60 players to chose from, but only 15 are ready and willing to play.

Were awaiting a first team photo as we can’t get a settled side … so another one of Les and Carl in the background!!! Carl Pittman is on the sidelines now and we hope he can muster the lads to a few wins in 2019.

Below are the players we have signed on this season, some are still playing but the majority have gone onto pastures new. The one’s left have to put the hard work and fight in. Banks

Dane Aldington

Charles Appiah

James Baldwin

Tom Banks

Joe Barrett

Joe Bevan

Harry Blood

Jordan Brant

Zack Brant

Kielo Brown

Jake Churchill

Sam Clark

Daniel Clift

Daniel Colburn

Rhys Curran

Joseph Dolphin

Luke Durbin

Joseph Endacott

Scott Finnegan

Chris Goode

James Halsall

Scott Hancock

Luke Harris

Jordan Hayward

Bill Hemming

Joel Hobbs

Sonny Holyhead

Callum Hughes

Joshua Hughes

Zaqib Hussain

Ben Jackson

Ashley Jones

Declan Juliff

Ameer Khan

Jonathan King

Maximillian Kontic-Coveney

Tawanda Kujeke

Ben Lane

Kirk Layton

Thomas Leonard

James Lush

Philip Marsh

Jon Mather

Kieran Mayall

Lewis McPike

King Mensah

James Morgan

Terrance Morton

Andrew Pawson

Sam Penfold

Matt Pinder

Sebastian Poole

Josh Powell

Ryan Pugh

Ryan Reeves

Christopher Rich

Nick Seabourne

Jamie Smith

Will Stallard

Andrew Taylor

James Taylor

Neil Taylor

Curtis Townley

Christopher Watling

Toby Wilcox

David Wilsons